Balian Healer

Alila Manggis, Manggis
1 hour
Hotel Guests Only
Balinese Healing Ritual


Hailing from Perasi Village, East Bali, the traditional Balian Healer is like no other doctor. Using human touch and focal points in the human body, The Balian Healer will make your feel relief and relaxation like never before. With traditional herbs and massage techniques that have been used for centuries together in Bali, the Balian Healer will make you wave goodbye to all your aches and pains in one hour!


You will be picked by your escort from the Alila Mangiss Lobby and be led to Perasi Village in East Bali.

On the way to the Balian Healer, you can catch glimpses of the daily lives of the Balinese locals. The Balian Healers are hard to find without the help of the locals as they do not advertise themselves. They are reputable healers among the Balinese people and most locals seek their help before going to a conventional doctor.

In one hour, the Balian Healer uses traditional herbs and ancient practices to relieve you of all your aches and pains. Head back to the Alila Mangiss feeling energized and refreshed!


1 hour

Additional Information

  • Make sure that your legs and shoulders are covered as it is a pre-requisite to most Balian Healers. We advise you not to advertise the healers as they prefer to be secluded from the outside world.

Cancellation policy

  • Please refer to your booking for the cancellation policy.

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