Balinese Kite Making

Alila Ubud, Bali
2 hours
Hotel Guests Only
Kite Making


Kite flying is an art in the Balinese culture and enjoyed among adults and children alike. This kite-making lesson for children will help your child make a kite from bamboo and paint it themselves. If you can't fly your kite back at home, you can always use it as a beautiful wall hanging.


Kite-flying is an art that if popular among Balinese people from children to adults. Bali has the perfect climate with offshore breeze to fly all types of kites and are highly respected as well. Some of them even go through purification ceremonies before flying over temples. In this class, you child will learn to make a kite with bamboo and paint it themselves.


2 hours
Child allowed age
0 - 12 years

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