Barong and Keris Night at Manisan Bali

Alaya Resort Ubud, Ubud
3 hours
Hotel Guests Only
Cultural Performances


Barong and Keris Nights are filled with culture and the aura of tradition hangs in the room. The performance takes you back in time to the mythology of Indonesia while you are served a four-course meal of Indonesian and Western cuisine. Popular gamelan music floats in the background as you enjoy your meal.


Barong and Keris is a performance which depicts the battle between good and evil spirits. In ancient Indonesian mythology, Barong is a character who is the king of the spirits and leader of the good people. In the performance, he is usually depicted as a lion although there various forms.

In the most famous form, Barong is depicted as a half shaggy dog and a half lion. Barong and Keris performances are a distinctive art in the community of Bali. The masks of Barong and other characters are considered so sacred that a priest offers his blessings before every performance.

While you are immersed in the performance, you will be served a four course meal of Indonesian and Western cuisine that you can enjoy during the performance.


3 hours
Child allowed age
0 - 12 years

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