Live Legong Dance at Manisan Bali

Alaya Resort Ubud, Ubud
3 hours
Hotel Guests Only
Cultural Performances


Sit back and enjoy the live Legong Dance performance where the performers are dressed in traditional costumes surrounded by the popular Javanese Joglo architecture at the Manisan Bali restaurant. The soothing live Gamelan music will set the mood right for a hearty dinner as you watch the performers put on an ancient show with modern adjustments, making it the perfect cultural performance.


Characterized by delicate finger movements, complex footwork and artisitic expressions, Legong Dance was originally a form of royal entertainment. With rigorous training from the age of five, Legong dancers are highly respected and comprise mostly of girls. Some of the most common tales performed during the Legong dance are tale of King of Lasem from the Malat and a collection of heroic romantic tales.

Relax in your seat and take in the culture eminating from the dance performance while you are served a four course Indonesian meal. Bite into the delicious savouries and dishes of the Indonesian cuisine and let the vibe in the atmosphere sink into your own!


3 hours
Child allowed age
0 - 12 years

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