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A sacred and peaceful temple that lies at the foothills of mountains by the serene pond, the Golden Pavilion attracts visitors and harmony-seekers throughout the year. The enchanting top two levels of the temple are built of gold leaf, with a golden phoenix lies at the top.


Also known as Kinkaku-ji, Golden Pavilion popular for its enchanting architecture and artistic goldwork in the top two floors. It was formerly a retirement villa which later was converted into a Zen Buddhist temple. Built over a marvelous pond, the temple burned down many times and the present structure was rebuilt in 1955. Peaceful and calm, people from around the world pay their visit seeking tranquility and peace within. Surrounded by green mountains, at the top of this brilliantly designed three-story building stands a golden phoenix, that shines brightly and leaves people mesmerized under the sun.

Take a walk through the lovely temple garden and appreciate the soothing views of the Zen aesthetics. End your visit at the tea house, enjoying a delightful and refreshing cup of green tea, available at extra price.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Additional Information

  • The temple is easily accessible from Kyoto Station by a direct Kyoto city bus number 101 or 205.
  • Guests can also take the subway line to Kitaoji Station and then take a taxi or a bus to Kinkakuji.
  • Admission fee: 400 yen


1 Kinkakujich?, Kita-ku, Kyoto, 603-8361, Japan
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