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Hop on to a fantastic gastronomic journey in Kyoto at Nishimi market. A local food and shopping hub, this five-blocks-long market offers appetizing street food and lip-smacking cuisine that attracts locals and tourists alike.


Explore the vibrant and flavorsome cuisine of Kyoto at Nishimi Market. Popularly known as Kyoto's kitchen, this five-block-long food street is one of the significant local food points as well as shopping area. From kitchenware to exotic seafood, you will find everything at Nishimi market. Hop on to a culinary journey at the narrow streets taste the locally sourced street food from the small stalls owned by local vendors.

The market is centuries old, and many vendors have inherited the stall and family recipes from their ancestors, keeping the family legacy alive. The sumptuous food and tempting flavors attract tourists and locals alike. If you love to experiment with your food and try various cuisines, a visit to Nishimi market is musst.


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Additional Information

  • The opening hours of the market is in estimation as it is operated by various stall/shop owners that have different opening hours.


Japan, ?604-8054 Kyoto, Nakagy?-ku, Higashiuoyach?, ?????????????609??
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