Kyoto Tokyu Hotel

Smoking Free Property


Enter the world of Kyoto Tokyu that leaves no stone unturned to pamper its guests with its world-class services and hospitality. Located in central Kyoto within walking distance to the Kyoto Station, the hotel is adorned muted yet elegant infrastructure with subtle European atmosphere. Ideal for families, couples as well as business travelers, the hotel's on-site restaurant serves various cuisines like Chineses, Western, Japanese as well as authentic Kyoto cuisine. Take delight in premium services and posh accommodations with swanky interiors and exclusive facilities like 850-year old 'Totsune' tea to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

2:00 PM
11:00 AM
Hotel Style And Setting
Sleek accommodations with European touch located in central Kyoto
Languages Spoken
English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)

Location Details