rizort on-travel loyalty program

We believe that understanding what you need out of your vacation plans is paramount. We know those romantic getaways or family vacations don’t come along every month, so we don’t believe in offering you benefits based on number of nights or annual memberships. Instead, we work on crafting the perfect plan for that once-a-year family trip, making sure everyone gets what they want.

Introducing Rizort PrivilEDGE, a unique on-travel loyalty program that gives you additional benefits for booking a Rizort vacation. Our philosophy behind this program lies in the premise that your vacation starts from the time you land at the destination, so we do our best to start you on a note that you won’t forget. From complementary Fasttrack immigration to private VIP transfers, from porter services to lounge access, we give you the PrivilEDGE you deserve. Varying from destination and hotels, we work hard to bring you additional benefits for free when you book with Rizort.

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