Famed to be an ancient underground city in Chaing Mai, unveil the stories it revels.


Tucked away along the bank of Ping River, Wiang Kum Kam dates back to the 8th century the Haripunchai Kingdom. It was also the first capital of Lanna Kingdom until Chiang Mai was chosen to replace it in 1296. The ruins still map the old city in all its glory its still dotted with the old remains of stone tablets with inscriptions, Buddhist sculptures, earthenwares and pottery. The centrepiece of Waing Kum Kam is the Wat Chedi Liam – a temple featuring Burmese-style pavilion where each corner of the pavilion is guarded by an outward facing lion. Another important attraction here would be the Wat Chang Kham, a spirit house of king Mengrai that now showcases the exhibits of Lanna object.


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Child allowed age
0 - 12 years

Good to know

  • Taking a horse carriage is a popular way of getting around this ancient city, but you could also choose to walk or cycle around to appreciate its beauty


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Wiang Kum Kam
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