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The Phra Nang Cave at Krabi is a renowned tourist destination not just for its white sandy beaches where you can lounge and take in the natural beauty, but also as a religious destination. The cave is said to be home to the Princess Goddess Phra Nang herself, the wife of a fisherman who was lost at sea.


Reachable only by boat, the beach along the Phra Nang cave is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand not just for its white sandy beaches, but for the lush greenery surrounding it. The Phra Nang lagoon and the inner and outer Phra Nang caves offer spectacular views with their jagged karsts and pristine waters. However the legend of the Phra Nang princess and the pious nature of the cave is one of the main reasons why devotees and tourists visit the cave every year. Legend has it that the Princess Goddess Phra Nang spent the remainder of her days, waiting for her husband's return from the sea, in the cave. The Phra Nang cave is held in utmost respect by the locals who visit it regularly to pay their respects. The colorful flowers and prayer flags put up around the goddess's idol showcase the importance of religion in the lives of the local people and are a beautiful sight to behold.


7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Child allowed age
0 - 12 years

Good to know

  • From Ao Nang, longtail boats can take you directly to Phra Nang beach with a journey time of over ten minutes.
  • There are several hotels and stays in the area where you can stay to take in the full glory of the cave and the beach.


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