Flamingo Sanctuary Sint Willibrordus

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A great addition to your day of sight-seeing, spot some of the famous pink flamingos at the sanctuary as these beauties socialize in the tranquil waters with the towering green hills behind them.


Visit the Caribbean flamingos in their natural habitat as they congregate in the waters of the sanctuary. it is advised to stay at least 100m away as these are shy birds. The number of birds you see on a particular day is also highly dependable on the spots they choose to meet as the flamingos are free to stay as they would and not restrained in one place. You can stop your car at the side of the roads as you sight these birds and take beautiful pictures. Bring along your long lens cameras for the best shots!


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Good to know

  • It is advised that you lock your cars when you go further ahead to visit the birds.


Sint Willibrordus, Curaçao
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