Shete Boka National Park

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Over 10 km of rocky terrains and hidden inlets, the Shete Boka Park is an untarnished country side where three species of turtles' nest and lay eggs. The most renown inlet is the Boka Tabla with majestic waves crashing against an underground cavern.


Set next to Christoffel Park, the Shete Boka National Park is an attraction that appeals to hikers and nature lovers. Three species of sea turtles are known to lay eggs here while the sight of the waves crashing against the rocky caves is a majestic experience in itself. Some of the popular spots include the Boka Table Cave - an underground cave with steps in the rocks leading you directly to the mouth of the cavern. You can also walk the limestone bluff above, with an impressive view of the north coast. Another attraction is the narrow inlet - Boka Pistol - where the waves rolling in causes a marvelous explosion that shall fascinate you. There are two hiking trails of one hour each, the Boka Pistol Trail and the Boka Wandomi Trail. The second trail also passes the natural bridge for those who wish to see it.


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Good to know

  • There is an entrance fee is $10 with an additional $1 for a map.
  • Clean washrooms and a snack bar are available for refreshments.


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