The Catuan sank on December 12th, 2006, to a depth of about 60 feet making this intriguing wreck in the waters of Boca Chica. This site is popular among advanced divers and is a treat in terms of the marine ecosystem.


An exhilarating dive for advanced divers, the Catuan Wreck site was formed in 2006 when the 108 foot tugboat sank on December 12th. Over the years the wreck has transformed into a stunning marine habitat of coral gardens where large schools of fish, crabs and other aquatic life swim through. Due to the depth at which it is located – 60 feet, the wreck is only suitable for advanced divers who can swim around and even inside the wreck. Growing on the wreck are multi-colored corals that make for a beautiful reef and if you have a waterproof camera, you can capture some amazing photographs of the life under the sea.


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Good to know

  • Please ensure you go diving only with authorized dealers.
  • Please ensure you have all the required equipment before going for the dive.
  • The wreck is only safe for advanced divers, please check the rules and regulations before heading for the dive.


Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
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