Submerged at 12 meters off the coast of Bávaro, the Astron is known to be a popular site for advanced divers. The magnitude of the ship, including its giant propeller, is said to weigh over 20,000 tons.


Back in 1978, this massive 120-meter long freighter from Russia crashed while carrying tons of corn to Cuba and split in two and ran aground on the coast of Bávaro. Submerged at 12 meters, it serves as a favored spot for advanced divers in calm weather conditions due to the area’s strong currents.

The sheer magnitude of the ship, with its enormous propeller, weighs over 20,000 tons and is definitely worth a glimpse.


12:00 PM - 11:59 AM

Good to know

  • This spot is mainly recommended for advanced divers. If you are not an experienced one, we recommend you take a guide along with you


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