The first ever theme park in Dominican Republic, Manatí Park is home to the largest animal collection in the Dominican Republic.


Founded in 1996, Manatí Park is home to more than 150 animal species and allows visitors to enjoy five different shows that are sure to entertain the entire family. The park also houses two beautiful natural wells for you to bathe in.

The Taino Show will take you on a journey to the past of the Taino people (an indigenous tribe of the Caribbean) through their traditions, dances, and rituals. Acquaint yourself with the culture as you stroll around the Taino village, discover their bohíos (thatched roof houses), art and ancestral customs.

The Animal Show is a fun-filled one that invites you to have a good time with the amusing parrots, cockatoos, iguanas, and many intriguing creatures.

The other three shows concern dolphins, sea lions, and horses. Get to learn about dolphins in an extremely fun way. Watch them perform acrobatics and dances and interact with them directly. This experience is a complete delight for families, particularly for children.

The sea lions are also an entertaining bunch who promise to entertain you with acrobatics, dances and much more. Watch the fun games between them and their trainers, while you marvel at their comical reactions.

Experience the marvelous 20-minute jockey show with the impressive Spanish Pure breed horses, Quarter Horse, and Shetland Pony.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Child allowed age
0 - 12 years

Good to know

  • We recommend you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Make sure to carry your swimsuit and lots of sunscreen
  • Please note that cameras are not allowed, so make sure to carry some money with you in case you want to buy a souvenir of your experience
  • The 'Swim with Dolphins' activity is available at an additional cost of 6290 RD


Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic
Manati Park
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