The first fort of Port Royal-Fort Charles was built in the late 1650-60 and was originally called Fort Cromwell. It is the only one of the town’s forts to survive the 1692 earthquake.


Located in Port Royal, the Fort Charles is a must-see attraction in Jamaica. At its peak, 104 guns protected the fort. Many cannons still point out from their openings along the restored battlements. At the apex of the courtyard stands a small, impressive Maritime Museum, that is home to a plethora of objects ranging from glassware and pottery to weaponry that has been retrieved from the sunken city. Horatio Nelson, who later became Britain’s greatest naval hero, lived in the small ‘cockpit’ while stationed here for 30 months.

Behind the museum is the raised platform known as Nelson’s Quarterdeck, where Horatio Nelson, Britain’s greatest naval hero kept an eye on enemy ships amid fears of a French invasion. A plaque on the wall of the King’s Battery commemorates his time here. A small redbrick artillery store, the 1888 Giddy House, is set just behind the fort. Next to this is a gun emplacement with a massive cannon which keeled over in 1907.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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