Renowned as a visually impressive house and the most famous in Jamaica, Rose Hall is a Jamaican Georgian style mansion in Montego Bay that offers a panoramic view of the coast. It houses a museum that showcases Rose Hall's slave history and the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall.


The Rose Hall, which is known for its visual appeal, features a stone base and a plastered upper story that sits atop the hillside, offering a panoramic view over the coast.

Polished with mahogany floors, interior windows and doorways, paneling and elegant wooden ceilings, the house is adorned with silk wallpaper printed with palms and birds, ornamented with chandeliers and furnished with mostly European antiques. There is a bar downstairs and a restaurant. The house was built in the 1770s for colonist Fulke Rose and became the property of John Palmer in the 1800s. It was restored in the 1960s, and again in the 1970s.

It is believed by the locals that Annie Palmer still stirs memories of her reign as the mistress of the Rose Hall Great House, despite being dead since more than a century. Cursed by slaves, the White Witch Annie Palmer, turned a magnificent plantation into a hell house of atrocities. Countless slaves fell prey to her torture, and all three of her husbands were killed by her.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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  • While visiting the Rose Hall, visitors can experience the complete spectrum of island living-mountain villages, cane fields, luxury villas, resort hotels and condominiums, miles of beautiful beaches and beautifully maintained golf courses.


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