Pigeon Island National Landmark

St Lucia
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A 40 acer park, the Pigeon Island National Landmark hold an important place in St Lucia that retraces its history and legends.


Also known to the living museum, the Pigeon Island National Landmark stands a monument in St Lucia. It represents the cultural and historical monuments of international, civil and marine cross-currents of St Lucia while also featuring local wildlife wrapped in picturesque views. The visitors can strut along the Admiral Rodney’s naval base, choose to take a cool dip in one of the coves, stroll along the perimeter to the remains of a legendary pirate’s cave or they could hike up to the peak to relish on the panoramic view. The island is famed for its historical representation to its visitors through the Battle of Saints that glorifies the golden period of 18th Century while also being laced with white sandy beaches and home to a variety of tropical flora and fauna.


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Child allowed age
3 - 12 years

Additional Information

  • We recommend you to wear comfortable shoes and clothes to explore this place.


Pigeon Island, St Lucia
Pigeon Island National Landmark
St Lucia
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