Famed to be the most iconic landmark of St Lucia, the Pitons which are also a. part of the UNESCO world heritage is a magnificent sight not to be missed.


Piercing through the clouds, the Pitons also knowns as the volcanic plugs are St Lucia’s pride. The formation of these mountains is from the volcanic materials and are situated between the towns Soufriere and Choiseul, in the name of Gros Piton and its sibling Petit Piton. The Pitons have left all its travelers awe-struck in its presence due to its majestic structure and lush surroundings. The place is famous for its hike trail which is meant for the adventures soul who wishes to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Caribbean.


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  • Its recommend hiking the trails of Gros Piton over the Petite Piton unless you are a pro climber. If you wish not to hike over the Pitons you can enjoy their magical presence from the Jade Mountain.


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