Marigot Bay Resort and Marina by Capella

Marigot Bay
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Fringed with palm ponds and graced along the most beautiful harbor – the Marigot Bay. Meant for seclusion addicts, this resort is pure indulgence amidst the Caribbean islands. The Marigot Bay Resort features beautifully anointed 124 suites and rooms for that perfect getaway. Accessible by boats only, the nonchalant vibe of this five-star properties draws the attention of peace seekers and vacationers who wish nothing less than the best experience of the island. The resort lays dispersed on a historic location that had served as a battleground in the past. Along with a centrally located main pool, Marigot Beach Club Resort is home to several on-site restaurants, an indulgent spa, a watersports center and other amenities exuding a deep, family-oriented warmth that’s welcoming.

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A Caribbean paradise with sublime seaside lifestyle
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