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Discover the marvels of nature in the Bahamas, with world's first land and sea National Park. A chain of several cays and little islands, the national park is home to several exotic birds, animals and marine life.


World’s first land and sea National Park, Exuma Cays is one of the marvels of nature. Surrounded by a stretch of Caribbean water and pristine beaches, the area is a preserved natural habitat of various species of flora and fauna. Several cays and islands and water bodies around these come under the national park area where any harm to nature is prohibited. The National Park does not allow fishing to save the aquatic life. People visiting the Exuma Cays like to dive into the water and snorkel around with the fish or feed to endangered Bahamian iguanas. The National Park is home to at least 22 species of lizards, rock iguana, marine turtles. Loggerheads and hawkbills are familiar sights here. You can also catch glimpses of Hutia, a Cuban species of rat, common in the Bahamas.


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Good to know

  • Fishing, shelling, lobstering or conching is strictly prohibited inside the national park.
  • Nothing living or dead may be removed from within the boundary of the Exuma Park.
  • Littering and open-fire camping is strictly prohibited.
  • The daily or nightly cost for using a mooring ranges between $20-$150 and is based on the size of the boat.
  • Separate fee charges are applicable for activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, beach setting and camping.


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