One of its kind, Pig Beach in the Bahamas is something that draws everyone's attention. People from around the world come to enjoy a warm sunny day on the beach where these non-native pigs roam around and play in the sand, float around in the shallow water.


An intriguing and unusual island in the Bahamas, Pig Beach is something you would not have heard before. Located in the Exuma Cays, this deserted beach is officially called Big Major Cay and has become a popular attraction due to its varied wildlife. One may be surprised to see feral pigs swimming around and having a fun time on the beach, but this is what draws people here. The legend of pigs goes by the several stories, one saying a group of sailors who dropped them here wanting to come back and cook them but unfortunately never returned. This unique spot attracts many travelers in the Bahamas where they love to take selfies, swim around and even snorkel in the clear shallow water with them.


6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Good to know

  • To avoid any harm to the pigs, kindly restrain from feeding anything apart from fruits and vegetables.
  • Prefer to feed them in fresh water than on the beach to avoid more san ingestion that causes their untimely death.


Pig Beach, The Bahamas
Pig Beach
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