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Known for its Hollywood appearances in major James Bond movies, the Thunderball Grotto is a beautiful underwater cave that surprises its guests with vivid aquatic life.


Quaint and vivid cavern located west of Staniel Cays in the chain of Exuma islands, Thunderball Grotto, is an excellent spot to witness exotic marine life of Bahamas. Named after the James Bond thriller “Thunderbolt” which was filmed in this picturesque cave, this cavern has always held a special place in Hollywood movies like Tom Hank’s Splash, Into the Blue featuring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker as well as another James Bond Movie, Never Say Never Again. Just a plain cave from the outside, Thunderball grotto surprises its guests with kaleidoscopic aquatic life and magnificent views from the inside. Lesser known to many, this brilliant diving and snorkeling spot is filled with holes and tunnels that open to a large chamber beautifully lit by sunlight from where it is easy to spot numerous colorful fish and corals.


6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Good to know

  • Fishing or causing harm to the cave or marine life is strictly prohibited.


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Thunderball Grotto
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