Full Day Camel Safari And Emirati Activities With Dinner

7 hours
Cultural Performances
Desert Safari
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Immerse yourself into an experience that gives you the true essence of Dubai as your travel across the sands on a camel, relish a 4-course dinner at a Bedouin style camp and experience the rich culture displayed through a series of traditional music and dance performances.

Why to buy

  • 45-minute ride on camels through the desert to a Bedouin style camp
  • Delicious 4-course dinner followed by traditional dance and music
  • Get a traditional henna tattoo and watch falconry, coffee-making and bread-making demonstrations
  • Pick-up and drop-off to your hotel


Step into a world replete with culture and authentic cuisines as you embark on this journey straight from the tales of Arabian Nights. Step into your tour vehicle which will pick you up from your hotel and traverse to the starting point of your tour in the desert where you will be greeted by your guide and a camel convoy. Climb onto one of these beautiful animals and elevate your evening with the stunning hues of the setting sun and relaxing desert breeze as your camel strolls across the sands. The king of the desert will take you across to a Bedouin style camp after a 45-minute ride, which will give you a taste of how these resilient animals have been a support to the local Bedouins for centuries. Enter a truly Arabian world as you step into the Bedouin camp compound which is kept illuminated by torches, decorated with regal carpets, ornamental cushions and comfortable low tables and chairs. Bask in the warmth of the desert and the people as you are received graciously and given a sparkling date juice to enjoy while a thrilling falconry display unfurls before you. Falcons have been a part of the Arabian culture for centuries and they are the few people who have mastered the art of training them. Watch as this bird of prey shows off a wide range of skills at its masters command, swooping and soaring to get it’s rewards. As the evening sets in, you will be presented with an assortment of entertaining acts like traditional bread-making processes and brewing of the famed Arabian coffee which you can relish. Enjoy the rustic setup of the Arabian tents and the colorful attire of the locals as they apply Henna on your hand, transforming the dark green color of the leaves to stunning patterns of red. Applying henna is a part of many cultures in the South Western countries, with each region displaying a different variety of traditional designs. Your hands will soon be transformed into a stunning canvas as the henna dries off, and you can carry the memory with you for days as the colors stay for a long time.

With the setting of the cool desert night, settle in to enjoy a sprawling four-course feat of authentic Emirati food and drinks which will features favorites like shorbat adas (spicy lentil soup), tabbouleh and chicken kebabs. Every course of the meal will give you a unique taste of Arabia after which you can enjoy a typical Arabian shisha, a decorated water pipe which is deliciously accentuated with authentic Arabian flavors. Relish these sweet flavors as you watch a mesmerizing dance and music performance by some talented locals under the starry night.

Hotel transfers
Camel caravan ride through the desert
Classic falconry demonstration alongside some refreshing date juice
Henna tattoo application
Bread and coffee making demonstration
Four-course dinner served with juice
Aromatic shisha
Emirati style entertainment
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7 hours
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English, French, Arabic 
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Good to know

  • The Dubai temperatures get colder as the evening commences, so it is suggested that you carry a light jacket and closed shoes.
  • The pickup and drop timing vary throughout the year. Please be prepared for your pickup according to the following timings: October – February: 14:30-15:30 March – May: 15:00-16:00 June – September: 15:30-16:30
  • Confirmation with the precise pick-up time will be sent to your mail id or phone latest by 13:00 hours

Additional Information

  • Guides for the following languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, ) are upon request and availability. Children under 5 years are not permitted. Not recommended for pregnant women. Not wheelchair accessible.

Cancellation policy

  • Please refer to your booking for cancellation policy.


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