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5 life events that call for a luxury vacation

Vacations aren’t just indulgences. In the aftermath of a traumatic event, they can be therapeutic, helping you to start with a clean slate, so to speak. And in case of a major milestone, celebrating with a holiday locks the joy in your memory, to be brought out and dwelt upon whenever you like. But as we advance through life, we get busier and busier. And we need to find watertight excuses to take a break from professional and personal responsibilities. So we decided to put together 5 life events that call for a luxury vacation (with destination ideas for each)!


5 life events that call for a luxury vacation

We have a birthday every single year, and ideas for parties can run out rather quickly! And when you’re having a major birthday like 18 (transitioning into adulthood) or 30 (leaving your youthful 20s behind), cutting a cake in your apartment just doesn’t cut it. We suggest taking off to glamorous Dubai with your best friends in tow. You should be living it up at The Atlantis at Palm Jumeirah, dining in style at Burj Al Arabs and much more.


5 life events that call for a luxury vacation

Travelling solo (or with friends) in adult life is so different from shuttling from place to place with your parents as a child. The process of getting to know new cultures, and working up the courage to befriend strangers can be rewarding. The best time to make this happen is when you finish school, and are ready to embark on your adventures. Soak in the sea and celebrate your graduation with a trip to party-loving Phuket, pristine Krabi or spiritual Koh Samui in Thailand.


5 life events that call for a luxury vacation

Most people visit exotic destinations for their honeymoons. Maybe you’re the kind who also wants to get married in one such locale. Whichever the reason, a luxury trip to corals-filled Maldives or the island paradise that is Bali would be a great idea. Apart from the romantic water bungalows and ocean views, you can also try a variety of water sports.


5 life events that call for a luxury vacation

Just like birthdays, marriage anniversaries also roll around every year without fail. And there are only so many diamonds you can gift (or be gifted). A more memorable way to mark the occasion is to go on a luxury holiday that will reignite the romance. Los Cabos and Cancun in Mexico are two destinations that are apt for outdoor explorations. They offer an unbeatable combination of breath-taking beaches with natural havens.

Job Switch

5 life events that call for a luxury vacation

We bet you didn’t think this one would feature on this list. But what better way to gear up for your new one than an exciting vacation? Take this opportunity to dive into the Caribbean Sea and experience the spectacular coastline of Turks and Caicos Islands and the lush rainforests of St. Lucia.

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