7 Best Travel Apps to Use in Bali

What would we do without all the myriad travel apps on our smartphones guiding us every step of the way? From hotel and restaurant recommendations to getting directions to places, there’s an app for everything. So what are the must-have travel apps in Bali? The landscape is gorgeous, and you have your Bali hotel booked, but what if you’re lost or stuck with the wrong currency? Here are the apps you need to consult:

Rizort Concierge

The Rizort Concierge app is your Bali travel partner for hotel bookings and exclusive experiences. You can view your booking and transfer details easily through the app and also get assistance during arrival or departure. The Rizort support team and important contact numbers are at your fingertips with this app.


A great navigation app is indispensable when it comes to holidays. We all love Google Maps but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well in in the interiors of Bali. Bali is full of little alleys and paths where you could easily lose your way. Enter Waze, an app with great navigation routes and offline maps for Bali and Indonesia. It’s also constantly being updated with real time information on traffic jams and other hiccups.

My Blue Bird

Uber did not have great coverage in Bali and Indonesia until recently. My Blue Bird is a local taxi company with an app that works pretty well. The taxis are easily recognizable by their logos (a blue bird of course) and they are safe and reliable. There is a standard metered fare which means that you don’t have to haggle.

The Bali Bible

The recently released Bali Bible app lives up to its name with a user-friendly Bali travel guide that provides information on everything from sights and attractions to hotels, bars, restaurants, and transport options. The app is very easy to use, includes recommendations from locals, and sports a simple layout. Over 16000 businesses in Bali are listed on the app, making it an exhaustive resource.

My Telkomsel

A local SIM card comes in handy as soon as you exit the airport. You can use an app to order a taxi, speak to the driver to coordinate, or call up your hotel for directions. Telkomsel is one of the leading telecom service providers in Bali and offers reasonable 3G and 4G Internet packages for travelers. The Telkomsel app makes it easy to check your balance and do top up recharges.

Currency Converter Plus

Bali is a shopper’s paradise and we’re sure you’re going to hit the markets and stores looking for great deals. But when the price is in Indonesian Rupiah, it’s easy to get confused with the currency calculations. Download Currency Converter Plus for accurate currency conversions that work offline as well, along with historic rate charts and a built-in calculator.

Grab Taxi

Grab is a popular ride sharing app on the lines of Uber. You can be assured of safety as the drivers are screened before being allowed to take on riders. The app also provides fares that are cheaper than regular taxis, and additional features like food ordering and cashless payments at various online merchants.

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