7 Best Travel Apps to Use in Dubai

Using apps can make your life a lot easier while travelling. For instance, you can pull up metro routes in your smartphone, find customized tour maps, and order cabs wherever you are. Dubai is very well-connected and travelling here is a breeze, but a few technical aids can never hurt. So here are the best travel apps to use in Dubai:

Dubai Metro

The air-conditioned and fast Dubai Metro is a convenient way of getting around the city. Download the Dubai Metro app to look up train timings, station names, and routes. If you’re so inclined, you can also read about the metro’s history on the app. Finally, it provides a list of finable offences – so make sure you don’t do those things!

Dubai Mall

With 1200 different stores, the Dubai Mall is a destination unto itself. And getting lost or being unable to find the outlet of your choice is quite possible! To avoid that from happening, download the Dubai Mall app. It’s free, offers a GPS to help you navigate, and lets you view attractions and stores by category and personal tastes.


Uber is available in Dubai but there’s a local alternative that is a lot more effective. Download Careem to get a taste of its carpooling services. You can use it just the way you use Uber: to choose cabs and reach the destination of your choice. Here’s an interesting fact: the Careem cab drivers are called ‘Captains’!

Dubai Maps & Walks

Is it your first visit to Dubai? You will want to download Dubai Maps & Walks, which, as the name suggests, guides you through your explorations in the city. You can go on solo walking tours using the app, and visit the best of Dubai’s cultural hotspots, landmarks, malls, museums, and art galleries.

Visit Dubai

This is the most comprehensive tourism app for Dubai. With Visit Dubai, you can find the best shopping destinations, restaurants, transport options, current events and activities, and also permanent listings like beaches and other tourist spots. The app will also recommend itineraries tailored to your preferences and holiday duration.

Time Out Dubai

This one’s for all the shopaholics. Time Out Dubai is the ultimate directory of ALL the malls, stores, and shopping paradises in Dubai. You will also find details on price ranges, products available, and the location of the shopping destinations. The app is constantly updated and also lists restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres, spas, and art galleries.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to download the Rizort Concierge app so that you can access all your booking and transfer details on the go.

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