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8 Unique Experiences in Dubai

It would be incorrect to ask – what can I do in Dubai? Rather, ask, what can you NOT do in this magical Arabian land full of dreamy underwater worlds and desert extravaganzas. With seaplane tours offering glorious bird’s eye views and dazzling displays of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, Dubai thrills even the most jaded traveler. Here are eight unique experiences to try in Dubai, the capital city of UAE:

Dine in the Desert at Al Hadheerah

At Bab Al Shams Resort’s award-winning restaurant, you can dine under the stars and be regaled by an array of traditional entertainment as you dig into your meal in a fort-like ambience. The food is as authentically Arabic as the tanoura dance performance, belly dance, camel caravan and horse show, and falconry display.

Feed Sharks at Dubai Aquarium

At the lower floor of the Dubai Mall, you will find a magical, walk-through aquarium with glass walls and myriad fishes. Dubai Aquarium is the perfect family destination with opportunities to feed the sharks and watch them breed, and meet other marine species including crocodiles. There’s also a Virtual Reality viewing facility.

Visit the Whole World at Once

Have you ever wished to see the entire world the way it appears in maps? At Dubai’s mind-spectacle ‘The World, you can do just that! It is a man-made archipelago of 300 private islands shaped like the countries of the world. Located just 4km away from Dubai’s coastline, this architectural marvel is a must-visit.

Marvel at Dubai Glow Garden

Only in Dubai will you find a garden that glows even in the night! Brought to life by 500 architects and craftsmen, Dubai Glow Garden is a visual treat with its array of creative installations among four unique themes: a park made of energy bulbs, a dinosaur park, a polar world, and an eco-friendly art park. Look out for live musical shows as well.

Watch the Le Perle Show

Dubai’s only permanent theatre show is rivalled by none other. The two-hour Le Perle show features stunning aqua and aerial stunts choreographed by creative director Franco Dragone. The show makes use of jaw-dropping theatrical aids like hydraulic lifts and fountains, and involves 65 ace performers from 23 countries.

Take the Kids to LEGOLAND Dubai

LEGOLAND Dubai promises a day full of fun for the entire family with 40 rides and themed attractions. Over 1500 Lego models built from more than 60 million Lego bricks invite your children’s imaginations to go wild. Six lands with different themes offer more than enough amusement and educational information to keep the kids engaged.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Watch an eye-catching illusion show with special effects, laser shows, and escape feats, and hobnob with adorable bottlenose dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium. You can swim with the dolphins, and watch them play, sing, and even paint!

Ski Dubai

Beat the heat with Ski Dubai, where you can ski and sled on the snow slopes in sub-zero temperatures! Don’t be scared to try various snow sports like tubing, wall-climbing, and snow-boarding in this snow park.

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