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7 best eco-friendly luxury hotels around the world

Live your eco-friendly lifestyle in luxury while you vacation by choosing a property where sustainability is a top priority. These eco-friendly luxury hotels around the world offer top-notch hospitality and at the same time ensure minimal impact to the local environment.

Jade Mountain, Caribbean

This luxurious resort in St. Lucia is famous for their three-walled suites offering breath-taking views of the Pitons. In this property, luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability. The environment conscious initiatives include usage of non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable cleaning products, treated greywater reuse for irrigation, rainwater collection and more. To mitigate water woes for the local Soufrière community, Jade Mountain has undertaken an independent water supply system. Plastic and Styrofoam is replaced with wooden, metal and melamine products. Eco-friendly initiatives are conducted even in the depths of the sea with their underwater clean-up dives.

Alila Uluwatu, Bali

This eco-conscious sea-side property in Kuta seamlessly provides a luxurious experience while being totally committed to sustainability. Alila Villas Uluwatu holds the distinction for being the first resort in Indonesia the highest appreciation for using recycled materials and protection of natural environment through construction. Organic waste generated within the property is converted into compost. You will be happy to know that your cocktail or fruit juice will be served with bamboo straws. And the hotel slippers you will get are made from recycled tyres.

Aleenta Resort And Spa, Phuket

The award-winning luxury boutique hotel in Phuket seeks to give back to the environment by funding for a Turtle Sanctuary. The resort firmly believes in single-use plastic-free future and made a companywide commitment to eliminate single-use plastics by June 2019. They have partnered with Pure Blue Foundation, which supports marine conservation projects. As a guest you should participate in releasing turtle hatchlings back in to the ocean with their ‘Catch and Release Turtle Lovers’ Mini-Break’ initiative.

Six Senses Koh Samui

Overlooking the Gulf of Siam, the seductive sea-facing villas from Six Senses Koh Samui is a happy place to rest. They have achieved best practice results in six indicators: water saving, waste recycling, community commitment, community contributions, paper products and pesticide products. Without disturbing the natural landscape, they boast of 20 acres of indigenous planting. They constantly recycle inorganic waste generated within the property and recycle wastewater. Even more, they actively involve guests in beach clean-up drives. Six Senses adheres to the highest ethical standards on caring for livestock and steers away from serving at-risk seafood species. All their efforts are paying off when you look at data from 2017. As a result, plastic bottles have been replaced with 1,093,950 reusable glass water bottles; production of 491,000 pounds of compost and natural fertilizer and diversion of 45 percent of solid waste from landfills.

Rayavadee Krabi

Offset the carbon footprint of your travel and rest in the comfort of an eco-friendly resort like Rayavadee Krabi. The property regularly organizes beach cleaning, marine life releases, and mangrove planting events.  Furthermore, they are the founding member of the Enlive Foundation, which addresses issues related to wastewater management, waste disposal, noise pollution and reef degradation. With the support of the Thai Navy, they launched their ‘Underwater Learning Park’ project by sinking 4 decommissioned navy warships. Due to this there are new born artificial reefs thriving with a diverse range of fish inhabiting these sunken ships.

Tortuga Bay Resort And Spa, Dominican Republic

Repose in luxury at the Tortuga Bay Resort And Spa with the sea just a few feet away from your villa. Their not-for-profit Fundación Grupo Puntacana provides solutions to many environmental and social challenges. They have designed and implemented one of the largest integrated solid waste management and recycling projects in the Dominican Republic. They lead the Partnership for Ecologically Sustainable Coastal Areas (PESCA), an expansive coral reef restoration and conservation program and also in the conservation of endangered species like the Ridgeway’s Hawks.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Mexico

Overlooking the expansive Caribbean Sea and hidden in lush greenery, your stay at Banyan Tree Mayakoba is a mix of pure indulgence with the comfort of an eco-friendly stay. Their 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 CSR program covers all aspects of sustainability. They strive towards minimal usage of resources and organize annual reforestation. They conduct programs to protect sea turtles and rescue melipona bees. Every year, at the end of September, volunteers set out to clean Tankah beach, a nesting site for sea turtles. Previously, 30 volunteers collected over 150 kg of waste from the beach cleaning drive.

With these eco-friendly luxury hotels around the world, you are assured an impactful experience with their environment friendly initiatives. Not only are you in harmony with nature but also contributing towards the betterment of local communities and wildlife.

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