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Enjoy the Bali Summer with these experiences

Bali is an inviting destination all year round but especially attracts throngs of vacationers during Bali summer time. The island is complete with its serene beaches and the mesmerizing sunsets beckon those looking for an extraordinary beach vacation. Bali has an equatorial climate and has two seasons the ‘Dry Season’ from June-September and the ‘Wet Season’ from ‘October-March’. The rainiest months are from December – February. The average temperature in Bali is between 23 – 25 degree Celsius.

Here’s your quick guide to exploring the Best of Bali in the ‘Dry Season’

  1. Surfs Up

    Bali is home to some of the best surf spots and beaches like Seminyak, Padang Padang, Uluwatu, and Green Bowl are truly a surfer’s paradise. Surfers can select from over 50 different beach breaks and swells. If you are a surfer then Bali is going to be an absolute thrill. Beginners can take coaching lessons starting from $35 (per lesson). Scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, kayaking, water jetpacks, and flyboarding are some other excellent summer activities. Plenty excuses to let you goof around in the water on your splendid beach vacation.

    Girl going for a surf

  2. Baubles & Beauty 

    Trinkets, artifacts, clothes and more, shopping is an indulgent affair in Bali. You can choose to splurge on high street fashion to haute couture at exquisite boutiques. The fashion quarter in Seminyak houses some world-famous boutiques for chic dresses, vintage decorative art pieces, fine jewelry and more. Be ready to be swept off your feet!

  3. Beach Clubbing 

    Cool yourself in the magnificent large pools overlooking the sea with the sun fading into the night sky. Beach clubs with its manicured lawns, the poolside loungers, and cocktails in the pool are hugely popular. These relaxed alcoves by day turn into buzzing party hotspots by night till dawn. What better way to spend a holiday don’t you think?

    Girl enjoying on the beach

  4. Trek the peaks

    For the adventurous at heart who like to explore beyond the touristy landscapes that are bustling with crowds in the summer months, trekking will help view a whole new side of Bali. Witness the spectacular views from the top of Mount Batur, the second highest point in Bali at 1717 meters above sea level. Treat yourself to the Hot springs of Tirtha Sanjwani (private area) after the arduous trek. Feeling more adventurous? Trek to the majestic heights of 3031 meters of Mount Agung, the active stratovolcano and the highest peak in Bali. This experience of a lifetime combines with an adrenaline rush that is unparalleled.

    Girl on top of Mt. Batur

  5. Festival cheer

    The Islanders have their roots are deeply seeped in Hinduism celebrate Summer in all its glory with a host of vibrant cultural happenings complete with noisy celebrations and colorful parades on the roads. Bali Arts Festival (July), Bali Kite Festival (June-Aug), Sanur Village Festival (August), Legian Beach Festival (August). These Balinese festivities give you an authentic taste of its rich culture and heritage. The Ultra Music Festival (September) is a modern spin to celebrations with the Top EDM DJ’s from around the world delivering some electrifying performances and bidding adieu to the Bali summer with élan. This is a party you definitely do not want to miss during Bali’s summer time.

    Bali temple

Summer Basics: Beachwear, flip-flops, sunglasses, plenty sunscreen.

Excited for your next vacation? Time go to Bali!