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Experiencing Luxury in Ubud

Been a while you have been swept off your feet? It’s time to bask in the splendor, beauty, luxury and ultimate leisure of Bali. Retreat to the relaxing mountains of Ubud and be mesmerized by the panoramic mountain vistas, expansive valleys of green grass, the gurgling of the flowing river and the rich Balinese culinary and cultural heritage.

A family trip, honeymoon or a solo rejuvenation trip, the resorts in Ubud are renowned for hospitality par excellence and a host of unique experiences that will you feeling immensely pampered and beaming with joy. Here’s our pick of the Top 3 hotels in the tranquil mountainous town of Ubud.


The Hanging Gardens of Bali

Vacation vibe: Rest & Relaxation

Set in the tropical Ubud jungle, the resort boasts of luxurious villas that overlook the famous Ayung River and ancient Dalem Segara temple. The décor of the villas exudes authentic Balinese culture and immaculate beauty.

Look out for:

  • The ultimate romantic dining experience alongside the famed “World’s best-swimming pool”, an infinity pool amidst the lush greenery of the jungle and a deck where you can enjoy the vision of the sun fading and welcoming the night.
  • Come morning, rejuvenate with an exotic Spa treatment by the Ayung River, meditate and do Yoga to the gentle music of the flowing river
  • Unwind with a delicious Gourmet picnic lunch in a cozy alcove next to the river.

To visit nearby:

Bali Marine and Safari Park
Elephant Cave
Neka Art Museum
Dalem Segara Temple
Note: Kids allowed on the property


Kayon Resort

Vacation vibe: Explorer

A magnificent location beside the Petanu River, Kayon Resort located in the heart of the tropical jungles of Ubud is renowned for its scenic splendor, tranquility and is popularly known for its ‘adults only’ policy. The décor of the resort is inspired by the story of Ramayana and is rich in carvings, paintings and use of local wood and bamboo the reflects the Ubud culture and arts.

Look out for:

  • ‘Balinese Culture Dinner’ a charity dinner complete with four-course Indonesian meal and bewitching cultural performances like the Balinese dance performances.
  • Get a taste of Balinese history to explore the ancient Elephant Cave temple, Holy Spring temple, and Rocky Temple, for those adventurous the resort offers a special tour of the Kintamani Active Volcano and Lake Crater.

To visit nearby:

Ancient temples of Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi
Organic Coffee plantation in Temen
Walk along the Tegalalang rice paddy fields



Vacation Vibe: Stay-cation

Located in Central Ubud, Viceroy is one of the most awarded resorts in Bali. A tropical hideout beside the calm water of Petanu River, it boasts of a helipad for its VIP guests, world-class dining restaurants and a host of activities specially designed for guests.  Visit the Viceroy to experience a life akin to royalty.

Look out for:

  • Dinner at CasCades
    Relish a romantic five-course meal at the exotic and award-winning CasCades restaurant. Take in the mesmerizing colors of the twilight sky and soothing views of the valley at night. The romantic ambiance coupled with decadent European cuisine served with a twist of Asian flavors, don’t miss the chance to raise a toast to your loved one.
  • Balinese Dance Lesson
    Balinese dance reflects the religious rituals and involves storytelling through artistic expressions and dance. An expressive form of art that focusses on facial expressions and subtle serene movements. At the Viceroy, you get a two-hour cultural walk-through of the Balinese dance form. So forget about any inhibitions and let the gamelan music guide you to a good time.
  • Traditional Kite Making Workshop – Viceroy offers a bouquet of eclectic cultural experiences that will enrich your Bali sojourn. Bali prides on its traditional kites and hosts a kite-flying festival every year. The Kite making workshop takes you through the history of the festival – a celebration praying for a good harvest, the varied types of traditional kites and helps you make your very own kite. Come and be part of this ancient Balinese tradition and make a memento to adorn the walls of your home.

To visit nearby:

Bali Museum
Bali Marine and Safari Park
Royal Ubud Palace
Elephant Cave


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