Introducing Rizort

More and more travel companies are offering curated itineraries and personalized vacations based on the interests of individual clients. 

Here’s what they have in common — they are all travel agencies or have travel experts that first understand the customer and then create vacation options for them. But who knows the customer better than the customer themselves? Why not have a platform where a luxury-seeking guest can create their own curated itineraries and personalized vacations based on their interests? They already know why they want to go on vacation, which means they know the intent of their vacation.

Introducing Rizort, first of its kind luxury vacation platform. A platform that understands the travel intent of a guest and uses intent scoring to match them to hotels, tours, and activities. No more relying on travel experts to give you vacation options or filling out forms explaining what you want in a holiday. Rizort allows guests to immediately start exploring a set of handpicked hotels and curated experiences specially designed for a luxury traveler. What sets Rizort apart is the ability for the guest to create their own vacation on the platform while choosing experiences that are different from the standard list available everywhere.

What’s more? Rizort as a platform offers it’s guests extra benefits for just booking on the platform. Rizort PrivilEDGE, an exclusive loyalty program that gives a list of extra privileges which are designed keeping in mind what a luxury traveler prefers. There is no sign-up or additional membership required, it follows a simple “you book and you are in” philosophy allowing every single Rizort guest to have an elevated experience during their vacation. Some of the destinations include VIP Immigration and Transfers that truly make you feel like a VIP guest as soon as you land at the airport. This is followed by additional perks in-car, in-hotel and in-room which distinguish this program from any other travel-based loyalty program.

Rizort takes pride in knowing their customers by applying that knowledge to their entire offering. The control of the entire vacation lies in the hand of the customers themselves, from the time they plan, book and reach their destination. Managing a vacation no longer requires going through a series of emails looking for booking references, confirmation details etc., it’s all available through an app on the guest’s personal device. The Rizort Concierge app allows the guest to view and manage their booking including the list of Rizort PrivilEDGE attached with their vacation. It shows all their booked experiences, lets them set reminders and provide feedback after completing an experience. One key advantage of the app is that it lets guests explore additional experiences including free activities around them that they may not have seen or booked prior.

With Rizort, luxury-seeking guests may discover a new way of traveling by bringing in game-changing differentiators and exclusivity in a vacation. Rizort is rapidly launching exotic destinations in the South East region and UAE. Rizort has already launched Bali, Maldives, Thailand, Dubai, and will soon be launching the Caribbean.

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