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The four most perfect settings to propose in the Maldives

The Maldives is gifted with some of the dreamiest locales in the world. If you have been planning to pop the question at the most magical place on earth, then the Maldives is the right place. Here are some perfect settings to propose in the Maldives to make the moment extra magical.

Private Sandbank Overnight Experience

Pulling yourself away from a beach is a difficult task. How about spending the night on a sandbank in blissful seclusion under a Bedouin tent? Have a sumptuous meal of exquisitely carved delicacies on the beach with flickering candles all around you. Complement the meal with fine wine and raise a toast to your togetherness. After your meal, hold hands and go for a stroll sinking your toes in the silky white sand. Or just lie on the beach and count shooting stars in the clear night sky. This could be the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal that you have been waiting for. With the waves gently crashing around you and the magical light of candles, the moment cannot get any better than this.

Astronomical Dinner Cruise

Craft that magical moment to pop the question on a dinner cruise under a canopy of glittery stars. Hop on the private boat and drift into the sea away from the shore for a romantic cruise. You and your partner can sit down and relish a delectable four-course meal coupled with wine. As you wine and dine in the open sea, it feels as though you are sailing through the skies. A resident astronomer is present on the boat to answer all your doubts about the stars, constellations and all things intriguing in the sky. As you are surrounded by the calmness and tranquillity of the open ocean, go ahead and get down on your knees before the anxiety takes over.

Midnight Beach Picnic With Champagne And Astronomer

Go on a date under the gaze of the dazzling moon and the shining stars in this midnight beach picnic. Head over to the boat awaiting you and sail towards the local sheltered beach away from the resort lights. Lie on a warm blanket laid out on soft sand surrounded by candlelight. Munch on foodie delights packed to the brim of your picnic basket and sip on champagne. The astronomer accompanying you will explain stories of how people used to navigate in the direction of the stars. While your partner is busy peering into the telescope looking for some distant galaxy, you might want to surprise them. Get down on your knee, pull out that dazzling rock from the tiny box and profess your love.

Private Cinema Experience

Up the ante of cinema viewing by watching a movie on the beach in the company of a pleasant sea breeze and rustling palm leaves. Choose a nice spot in front of the big screen among the neatly laid out loungers. The smell of salt and butter fills the air as there is an endless stream of popcorn for you to munch on. Along with scoops of ice cream, there are cocktails to sip on for those who have a weakness for beverages. Popping the question when your partner is deeply engrossed in the movie will surely it a memorable occasion.

These five perfect settings to propose in the Maldives will add a creative touch to this very special moment and make him or her want to say HELL YES!

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