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5 reasons to go to Turks & Caicos this Valentine’s Day

Treat yourself and the love of your life with an island vacation on this special day dedicated to love. For those looking for a Caribbean getaway, here are the top 5 reasons to go to Turks & Caicos this Valentine’s Day:

Gorgeous weather

The sun has a sweet fixation for these islands shining liberally almost every day throughout the year. With an average temperature hovers around 80° F (26.6° C), the weather is perfect to unwind from the long chilly winters back home. Clement afternoons are best for a couple spa. Breezy evenings are ideal for sipping sundowners while watching a splendid sunset.

Tranquil seclusion

The vast stretch of sunkissed beaches offer blissful isolation and this should be one of the reasons to go to Turks & Caicos this Valentine’s Day. There are very few things in life that can be more romantic than a picnic on a soft sandy beach surrounded by the crystal-blue sea. Ensure you request for the decadent duo of strawberries and champagne are included in your picnic basket!

Catching a glorious sunset is another instant recipe for romance. How about accentuating this experience with a sunset on a private boat in the middle of the open sea. Watch how the sky flaunts all its colors and the golden orb disappearing into the sea. Hold hands and sip on cold champagne on the deck of your boat.

Delectable food

The island has a plethora of amour-inducing eateries for the perfect date night. The intimate ambiance of a restaurant or dining under the canopy of stars is ideal for a romantic celebration. Make this special meal a memorable one by enjoying a fresh sea-to-table experience with queen conch, fish, oyster, lobster, and more. End the night with an aphrodisiac chocolate dessert and head to your luxury abode.

World-class snorkeling sites

Adrenaline-pumping activities are not only thrilling, rather they strengthen the bond of love when done together as a team. The Turks and Caicos Islands is probably the best place in the world to snorkel and scuba dive. Swimming together in the reef teeming with colorful wildlife makes for wonderful memories. Who knows? This snorkeling experience might motivate you both to take up this sport and continue snorkeling for many anniversaries to come. Descend into the warm turquoise water to spot eagle rays, lobsters, sharks, starfish, and conchs. If you are lucky, you even see a humpback whale.

Blissful escapism

What’s better than a synchronous couple massage to ignite the spark of passion on Valentine’s Day? Lovers can delight in sensual experiences like a soothing massage followed by an invigorating bath. Pamper yourselves in a pool full of sweet smelling rose petals at COMO Parrot Cay’s Shambhala Retreat.

These top 5 reasons to go to Turks & Caicos this Valentine’s Day is sure to stir your heart and move the soul. This experience will not only leave you both happier but also deeper in love than when you arrived.


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