Rizort releases the VR App for the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR devices

As a luxury travel marketplace, we are excited to launch our Rizort VR App for the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR devices.

Changing the way we understand and use technology which goes above and beyond just communication, there is a segment which leverages and captures the human imagination with its interactive media.

Immersive media acts as a window to experience a different place with its interactive features that render real environments.

Breaking away from the monotony of conventional pictures and 2D videos, Rizort VR brings a breath of fresh air to travel space.

We have launched the VR app to harness the true nature of the immersive medium. The app dwells on bringing maximum engagement and aims to enhance customer-centric marketing in the luxury travel industry. We have released the Rizort VR App for Oculus platform, available on Oculus GO and Samsung Gear VR app stores. A fusion of VR with 360-degree video capture, lets a guest virtually explore hotels and experiences without leaving the comfort of their home. We have also launched destinations in VR that will inspire a traveler more than a glossy brochure or a photo gallery would. Immersing a prospective guest in this interactive experience will put them in the center of their next vacation. The guest can simply stroll through the hotel areas such as the lobby, swimming pool, rooms, restaurants, bar, beach etc to understand the property better. The app continues the planning journey by integrating the experience with a web browser within the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR virtual environment.

Integrating VR and storytelling becomes a compelling tool that helps users connect with a property before deciding where they want to stay. The app is a comprehensive experience that leaves a visitor with lasting impression once immersed in the story without even being there.

About Rizort

Rizort is a luxury vacation marketplace based out of San Francisco, US. The platform aims to be a one-stop solution for all luxury seekers to dream, plan, personalize and book their vacation based on intent. This means a person will be able to view, book, combine different experiences and make a reservation through www.rizort.com

Rizort uses visual aids like VR and 360-degree content to help users dream and inspires them to travel to exotic destinations. Rizort works only with top rate properties and offers great experiences to make your holiday a memorable one.

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