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Top 5 Things to Do in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is an ideal spot for all kinds of vacationers. Its 81-mile-long powdery white coastline, the pristine Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico are truly inviting. To make the most of your Mexican holiday, here is a list of the most popular things to do in Riviera Maya:

Walk through the pages of Mayan history

History buffs would love this full day tour of ancient Mayan archaeological sites like Chichen Itza and Ek’ Balam. It is a truly humbling experience to visit the step pyramid of Chichen Itza called El Castillo. Reaching a height of 30 meters, the temple of Chichen Itza stands tall among trees. From the feathered serpent sculpture at the base and the serpent shadow effect observed at specific times of the day is truly fascinating. Another magnificent Mayan ruin that you will visit is Ek’ Balam, hidden deep in the Yucatan jungle.

Swim with the gentle giants

The warm waters of the Yucatán Peninsula host one of the largest fish in the sea, the docile whale shark. Once you spot them from the deck of your boat, plunge into the water to have a closer look. It is a magical experience indeed to be able to swim along these peaceful creatures in the open sea. These spotted grey creatures will be busy feeding on plankton with their colossal under the surface of the water.

Visit Tulum for a day

Get into the soul of the city by visiting the well-preserved ruins of Tulum and snorkel in the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. Visit Tulum and you will be in awe of the ancient city hidden in a thicket of greenery right beside the azure sea. After spending a day out in the sun learning about this historic city, dive straight into the sea. Techni-colored fish of various size and shape flourish in the fertile Caribbean waters. It is exciting to see colorful reef formations and the most rewarding of all is the turtle and manta rays sighting! Moreover, give your Tulum holiday a happy ending by visiting a cenote. Get into your swim wear once again and plunge into these sinkholes full of freshwater for an experience of a lifetime.

Traverse the Yucatan jungle

Nature enthusiasts will have a great time exploring the tropical jungles of Yucatan. So, strap on your helmet and go on a thrilling adventure on a high-performance CAN-AM buggy. Drive through the challenging terrain for 25 miles through thick undergrowth to observe all the rich flora and fauna of the region. Birds of myriad colors perched on trees and spider monkeys rustling in the trees overhead will catch your attention. Meanwhile, wild turkeys and capybara hiding in the bushes are challenging to spot.

Take a boat ride to Islas Mujeres

Hop on a Catamaran waiting for you at Cancun and set sail towards Islas Mujeres, one of the most picturesque islands off the coast of Mexico. When the anchor is lowered at Puerto Morelos Reef National Park, ascend into the water to be mesmerized with the underwater carnival of colors. Butterflyfish and parrotfish seem playful in the water. Starfish lying lifeless on the ocean floor and barracudas hiding among colorful coral formations are a common sight. Sea green turtles and stingrays gleefully swim in these happy waters.

Know all about this gem of a coastal city with these things to do in Riviera Maya. You will return back to your hotel with a suntan, indelible memories and lots of Instagram-worthy pictures.

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