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Top 10 Things to Do in Maldives

Most people visit the Maldives on a honeymoon or a family get-together. And in both cases, miles and miles of perfect sea and sand bejeweled by sparkling corals and exotic fishes mean that there are endless ways to have fun and bond with each other. Most luxury resorts organize a variety of excursions to make your stay eventful and exciting. Here are the top 10 things to do in Maldives for couples and families:

10 awe-inspiring activities to choose from :

  1. Meet mantas rays and whale sharks on a diving trip


    Diving with manta rays and whale sharks with Rizort

Maldives’ beautiful reefs and atolls are its primary claim to fame, and the first item on your bucket list ought to be a scuba diving or snorkeling trip to glimpse some of the marvelous marine life and underwater flora in the sea. It’s all right if you don’t swim – you’ll merely need to undergo a training session to familiarize yourself with the equipment and make the most of your time underwater.

On most trips, you will see colourful parrotfish, large humphead wrasse, sweetlip emperors with their fleshy lips, hordes of fusilier fish, and snappers, which might make their way to your dinner table as well! It’s not all about fishes though – stunning, rocky pinnacles, vibrant corals, and sponges are also breath-taking sights. Further away from the reefs, you have the opportunity to see manta rays, eagle rays, and the magnificent whale shark.

  1. Ride the waves like a pro
    Surfing in maldives with Rizort

Surfing can be a great way to get your adrenalin pumping at Maldives. There are surf schools that will teach you how to ride the waves without fear of plunging into the ocean. And if you’re already an expert, feel free to venture into pristine, unexplored surfing breaks and swells. The North Male Atolls are the most sought-after destination in the Maldives for surfing. But wherever you stay, you’re bound to find some great stretches for romancing the waves.

  1. Learn the ocean’s secrets on a canoe ride
    Canoe ride in Maldives

Grab some paddles and sail across the sea on a single or double canoe. There’s no feeling quite like being right in the middle of the ocean, with only the sounds of birds and the wind to keep you company. You could also try kayaking or stand-up paddle boating if feeling a little adventurous. And if getting your feet wet doesn’t sound like fun, there’s still a way you can get glimpses of Maldives’ marine life and oceanic biodiversity. Get your resort to organize a transparent glass-bottomed boat ride for you, and feel as though you were floating right on the water.

  1. Enjoy a sandbank picnic for two
    Sandbank picnic with Rizort in Maldives

Many of Maldives’ islands are still uninhabited, and if you’re on the archipelago for a romantic getaway, why not sail away to a distant sandbank for a secluded picnic? Work up an appetite for your meal by snorkeling in your own private reef, and enjoy the sunset while you sip on wine and wait for your barbeque dinner to be cooked.

  1. Go on a sunset cruise
    Sunset cruise with dolphins in Maldives with Rizort

Sure, you could always watch the sun go down from the comfort of your beach villa but there’s something to be said for being at sea when it happens. Cruise along the shimmering water on a local dhoni, and watch dolphins soar into the saffron sky to bid goodbye to the sun. When you return, you’ll carry a bit of dusk’s shimmer within you.

  1. Treat yourself to a couples’ massage
    Couples spa in Maldives with Rizort

A Maldivian holiday is all about luxury and relaxation, and you couldn’t possibly miss out on a leisurely couple’s spa treatment at your island resort. Many of the spas are above water, allowing you to gaze at panoramic views of the ocean while an expert masseur kneads away your worries. Niyama Private Islands Maldives and Kurumba Maldives are home to some of the best spas in Maldives.

  1. Sample the best of world cuisines
    Ithaa under sea restaurant in Conrad Maldives with Rizort

Hotels in Maldives take the wining and dining needs of their guests very seriously indeed. Many of the restaurants are helmed by world-class chefs, and you could even have a meal specially curated as per your preferences. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Tandoori Flames, and Shell Beans at Hulhumale are some of the best restaurants in Maldives. Don’t forget to sample local cuisine including the Maldivian lobster, skipjack tuna, and chicken curry.

  1. Visit a fishing village and make friends with the locals
    Sustainable fishing experience in Maldives with Rizort

Tempting though it may be, there’s no reason to spend all of your time at the beach. Take some time to visit a local village and observe the Maldivian way of life. Most people engage in fishing and boat building and you could watch a craftsman at work. Little shops and restaurants dot the quiet villages, as do palm trees and sandy paths. On your way back, take a leaf from their books and try your hand at some fishing!

  1. Admire the architecture of Male’s mosques
    Tour mosques in Male, Maldives

If you find yourself in the capital city Male, you’re in luck. The pristine white Grand Friday Mosque with a golden dome is the largest mosque in the city, and open to all during non-prayer times. Inside, you’ll find pretty chandeliers, carpets and wooden panels. The much older Hukuru Miskiy is another mosque worth seeing. Built out of coral stone in 1658 AD, the mosque is replete with ancient Maldivian carvings and lacquer art. Close by is a beautiful cemetery dating back to the 17th century.

  1. Shop for souvenirs so you never forget Maldives
    Shopping for souvenirs in Maldives with Rizort

If you find yourself lacking suitable clothes to go with the fashionable locales of Maldives, make a beeline for Nala Boutique at Kurumba Maldives. Its stocked with gorgeous apparels and accessories.  Get gorgeously designed bags, accessories and home décor items at Island Bazaar in Male. The best part is that many of their products have been crafted by local artisans. At Male Local Market, you’ll find many interesting souvenirs, handicrafts, and spices.

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