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Top 5 Things To Do in The Bahamas

Spectacular beaches and incredibly clear waters are but a given, but The Bahamas are also a wonderful destination for eco-tourism. Each of its 700 islands have a unique personality. Acklins & Crooked Islands are home to innumerable coral gardens, and the world’s third largest fringing barrier reef is located at Andros. The Berry Islands are known for their picturesque cays and wreck dive sites, while Eleuthera for its pineapple fields. There’s culture and music at Cat Island, a legacy of fishing at Bimini, and colonial architecture at The Abacos. But here are the top five things to do in the Bahamas for the first-time visitor:

Enjoy a Biking Tour of Nassau

Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas is home to various tourist attractions. Hop on a cruiser bike and listen to your tour guide tell you about the history of the 18th century dungeon ruins at Fort Charlotte. Marvel at the colourful marching flamingos at Ardastra Gardens and Zoo, and cool off at the white-sand Junkanoo Beach. The tour ends with a tasting of local delights such as conch fritters at Fish Fry. The best part is that children can join the tour with kid-sized bikes.

Go Sailing and Snorkelling

Islands in the Bahamas teem with colourful corals and exotic marine life, making them excellent sites for diving and snorkelling. Notable among these are the black coral gardens off the coast of Bimini, the Thunderball Grotto as immortalised in James Bond films, and the Andros Barrier Reef. Sail away on a luxury catamaran starting from Paradise Island, and venturing towards Spruce Cay or Athol Island for an excursion into the underwater.

Swim with Pigs at Pig Island

Imagine an island uninhabited but for a colony of around 20 pigs and piglets who love to take to water. Pig Island is located in the Exuma, a district of the Bahamas. No one knows when or why the pigs ended up coming to the Bahamas but one of the popular stories is that a group of sailors left them there, planning to return and use them as food. Another tale goes that the pigs swam to the island from a shipwreck. Whichever the case, meeting these adorable pigs is a must-do while in the Bahamas.

Spend the Day at a Waterpark

The Atlantis is a major family entertainment destination in the Bahamas, and Aquaventure, the on-site waterpark is the largest in the Caribbean. Enjoy hurtling down exhilarating slides and splashing about in river rapids and pools with your family. There are also beaches, a marine habitat, and a casino at the resort.

Explore Blue Lagoon Island on a Segway

Blue Lagoon is a private island with interesting historical sites, striking flora and fauna, and a beautiful beach from where you could spot dolphins and sea lions. A guided Segway tour is a fantastic way of exploring the island, with amazing views from The Tower.

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