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Top 5 Things To Do in Turks & Caicos Islands

Pristine beaches, clear waters, and scenic bays make Turks & Caicos Islands the ultimate vacation destination for water babies. Classified as a British Overseas Territory, the low-lying islands are near the Bahamas and the starting point for exploring the Providenciales, better known as Provo. Totally, this territory consists of 40 islands, but Grace Bay Beach is on Provo, and some of the best diving sites, as also the Grand Turk Lighthouse are situated on Grand Turk Island. Middle Caicos are worth visiting for their spectacular wetlands and the Conch Bar Caves. Apart from embarking on a luxury cruise from Provo, here are the top 5 things to do in Turks & Caicos Islands:

Meet sharks and turtles on snorkelling/scuba-diving excursions

The coral-lined waters teem with lobsters, fish, and even sharks and turtles. Some of the best diving spots are the 14-mile long barrier reef on the northern coast of Provo, and the 2134m subaquatic wall accessible from Grand Turk Island. You could also go snorkelling on the reefs at Princess Alexandra National Park. Combine a sailing tour of Grace Bay, home to beautiful dolphins, with a little snorkelling, or view the sunset from a private catamaran, equipped with snorkelling gear.

Go on a private fishing tour

Relax, and soak in the spirit of the islands on a private fishing trip from Grace Bay Beach. Travel toward Leeward Reef and try your luck nabbing reef fishes like grouper and barracudas once you’ve learnt to use the fishing gear under the guidance of an expert. Who knows, you might even catch a bull shark and go home with a great story to tell your friends and family!

Kayak or paddle through the mangroves

For families and those travelling with children, kayaking leisurely through the mangroves of Chalk Sound National Park can be a great way to discover the beauty of the islands. To heighten the adventure, you could also try out stand-up paddle-boarding. The waters are inhabited by rock iguanas, bone fishes, stingrays, and lemon sharks. Nearby Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay boast of fine-sand beaches and calm, shallow waters perfect for swimming.

Ride a horse or have a picnic on Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach is where most of the luxury resorts are located, and you can always find an uncrowded stretch of sand ideal for picnicking or sun-bathing. A unique activity is horse-riding through the shallow waters at the shore. On a day tour, you can hunt for conch at Big Water Cay or Iguana Island, and later have them for lunch!

Explore the Conch Bar Caves

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t have anything to do with water, a visit to the magnificent Conch Bar Caves on Middle Caicos is highly recommended. The network of caves includes underground caverns, remarkable stalactites and stalagmites, tidal lagoons, and four species of bats that live in colonies. The ancient cave complex is one of the biggest in the Caribbean, and is inhabited by isopods and crustaceans.

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