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10 Unique Experiences in Maldives

Maldives is pure paradise, with magnificent, aquamarine waters sparkling with marine life and colorful corals, and luxury resorts on tropical islands featuring decadent overwater villas and serene spas. During your first few days , you’ll probably not want to do much more than laze on the white sand beaches. But if your heart craves more excitement, here are 10 unique experiences in Maldives for you to try:

Floating Escape Experience

The floating escape experience by Lily Beach Resort & Spa is highly recommended for couples and honeymooners as it lets you float in a private lagoon with nothing but pristine ocean views around you. The floating vessel features two hammocks and loungers that are ideal for sunbathing or even snoozing!

Soneva’s Glass Making Class

Those who take Soneva Fushi’s glass making class won’t have to search for a Maldivian souvenir to take home. The art class includes a tour of a glass boutique, followed by a glass blowing workshop. An expert team will guide you, and pack your masterpiece once finished.

Private Nooma Sunset Sailing With Champagne

Sailing at sunset is a classic experience in the Maldives but this one is aboard a wooden, dhoni-style boat called Nooma. It is also equipped with a lounge and air-conditioned cabin. Feast on 360 degree views of the sun descending beyond the horizon as you sip on champagne.

Small Group UV Night Snorkeling

Snorkelling in the night-time will open up an all new underwater world, as you hobnob with wondrous sea creatures that emit fluorescent hues of pink, green, purple, and yellow. This capability is called bio-luminescence and you should enjoy ta guide will explain the details.

Splash Net Cruise And Dolphin Watching

Perfect for families, the splash net cruise and dolphin watching excursion involves sailing away on a dhoni and then splashing about once you reach the open water. A guide will help you spot pods of dolphins. The experience includes refreshments.

Sunrise Big Game Fishing

Indulge in big game fishing at daybreak with Niyama Private Islands for a chance to snag wahoo, yellowfin, do tooth tuns, mahi-mahi and even giant trevally. Don’t forget to soak in the sunrise hues either. The whole experience will be exciting because it will be conducted aboard a private charter boat.

Eco-Friendly Surfing

Go surfing in lesser explored shallow lagoons in the Noonu and Baa Atolls with surfboards fashioned out of recycled materials for a unique experience in the ocean. Even the sunscreen provided is eco-friendly! We recommend you attend the session that precedes this – an hour long surfing lesson.

Astronomical Dinner Cruise

The Maldivian sky is stunningly clear, and by night, you can see myriad stars and constellations. Embark on a nightly voyage with an astronomer in tow, so that you can better understand the mysteries of the universe. The cruise includes a four-course gourmet dinner with wine.

Private Sandbank Overnight Experience

Have you always wanted to camp under the stars? Soneva Fushi will ferry you and your soulmate to a private sandbank, where you will be served a delicious dinner by candlelight. After this the staff will leave, so that you have the entire beach to yourself. Spend the night in a Bedouin tent equipped with its own water closet.

Jungle Dinner

Walk blindfolded to a secret table in the jungle surrounding , and proceed to be plied with mouth-watering delicacies over dinner. The jungle dinner lets you dine in the soothing embrace of nature.


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