What to Do in Bali in 2 Days – Mini guide for your vacation

Embark on your voyage to the enchanting lands of Bali brimming with unique cultural and immersive experiences. If you’re
craving for an unforgettable rendezvous with your friends and family or your loved one, then Bali has got to be on your bucket list. If you are visiting the land of thousand Gods for just 2 days and are wondering what to do then read on and discover some offbeat options which will fill your journey with joy. Explore Bali in 2 days

Discover the winding roads till you drop with this mini guide for visiting Bali in 2 days.

Day 1, Experience 1: Visit the iconic Bali Swing

Cradle in the lap of nature as you swing at the tip of lush green tropical forest framed with a picture-perfect waterfall for an enthralling experience. Just 20 minutes away from Ubud, the Bali Swing offers some nail-biting activities. Oscillate over the thrills of the wild or kick your adrenaline rush with river rafting. They feature four single swings that are 10m, 15m, 20m and 78m above the ground for that perfect vantage point. You can also combine the swing with quad biking, rafting, elephant ride and much more. Sit on this whimsical swing and click some lovely pictures as you bring out the poser in you.

If you are feeling less adventurous, then just chill and Instagram tucked away in cute nests with an amazing tropical forest landscape in the background. Filled with adventure and a few drops of bliss get on top of the world because this is what heaven feels like.

Pro Tip for your vacation in Bali in 2 days:

The Bali Swing is just 20 minutes’ drive from Ubud. There is no best time to visit but you could visit it during the sunset for better pictures and make sure not to wear green or blue colored dress, so you don’t blend into the background. Visit Bali Swing website for more details.


Day 1 Experience 2: Watch The Sunrise Over Mount Batur at Pinggan Village

Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset along the famous fire-breather of Bali – Mount Batur. Take the road less traveled to Pinggan village to unlock nature’s beauty where you can experience the fierce splendor in its meditative state. Literally, picked out of a postcard, watch the sky is painted with beautiful colors as a thin blanket of mist covers the village with Mount Batur in its backdrop. 

Pro Tip for your vacation in Bali in 2 days:

Most of the tourists join at Kintamani village for sunset views but if you need privacy with less crowd then Pinggan village makes a complete win. You can even visit this place for a sunset too, for some impressive night photography with a sky full of twinkling stars.



Day 2, Experience 1: Visit the Oldest Hindu Temple – Pura Lempuyang

Perched atop Mount Lempuyang, the Pura Luhur Lempuyang is crowned as the most pivotal temples in Bali. Its backed with a pre-historic significance and one of the largest and holiest temple complex ever. Also glorified as the gateway to haven, it is framed with views of the valley, a volcano and dotted with the distant sea. This scenic blend will leave you at loss of words where only a perfect click will serve it true justice.

Pro Tip for your vacation in Bali in 2 days:

Pura Lempuyang is in East Bali, near Karangasem district which is far from everything else making it a quaint getaway from all the overrated touristy places. So you need to start early to click those perfect shots.


Day 2, Experience 2: Sway in the wave of golden hues

Treat your eyes with scenic marigold flowers stretched across Desa Temukus village. Tucked away in East Bali, Desa Temukus is gleaming with thousands of marigold flowerbeds locally known as ‘gemitir’. If this is not enough, travel a little further and you will discover a whimsical land filled with white petals also known as kasna flowers. Take this path less chosen and get some great clicks to leave all your Insta followers awe-struck.

Pro Tip for your vacation in Bali in 2 days:

To witness this wonderment make sure to drop in around the harvest season. Furthermore, check on the local festival calendar as the marigold flowers are used in the offerings.


You can also explore multiple restaurants and beaches while you vacation in Bali for 2 days.

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