the rizort VR app

Immersively yours, Rizort VR App.

Harnessing the true nature of Virtual Reality, Rizort dwells in bringing maximum engagement and aims to enhance customer-centric marketing in the luxury travel industry. Feeding to inspire a vacationer for their dream getaway, the company targets to solve the lingering question of what it feels like to be there.

To blur this concept, Rizort released the Rizort VR App for all those who have access to an Oculus GO or Samsung Gear VR headset. A fusion of VR with 360-degree video capture, lets a guest virtually explore hotels and experiences without leaving the comfort of their home. Rizort has launched awe-inspiring destinations in VR that will entice a customer better than a glossy brochure or a photo gallery. Immersing a prospective traveler in this interactive experience is the primary motto, however, it also inspires them and lets them dream of their next perfect getaway. The guest can simply stroll through the hotel areas such as lobby, swimming pool, rooms, restaurants, bar, beach etc to understand the property better. The app continues the planning journey by opening the web booking site in a browser within the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR devices.